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Welcome to NESC

Our  Mission: To make a meaningful contribution to our communities by strengthening the management of America’s nonprofit organizations, schools and government agencies through high-quality, affordable consulting services.

NESC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that combines top-quality consultants and affordable fees to provide a broad array of consulting services to the nonprofit community in the tri-state region. We are committed to enhancing the effectiveness of our nonprofit clients.

NESC’s 250 consultants are experienced senior executives who are committed to giving back and by bringing their skills and experience to nonprofits. Our consultants have contributed over 35,000 hours of professional time to NESC clients. More than 2,000 New York, New Jersey and Connecticut nonprofits have benefited from NESC’s nonprofit consulting services.

As a nonprofit, NESC understands the nonprofit world — its unique strengths, frustrations and opportunities — especially the opportunities that nonprofits have for invaluable contributions to their communities.