What To Expect

From beginning to end, we are here to work together to accomplish your goals.

Initial Meeting and Proposal

At initial exploratory discussions with NESC, the prospective client describes the challenges or problems or opportunities it faces. From this, NESC crafts, at no fee, a detailed proposal outlining how NESC can help solve those problems and exploit those opportunities.


If the client decides to retain NESC for the project, the NESC Region/Sector head recruits the Consultant team. These senior executives and seasoned professionals contribute their time and experience and share the client’s passion and commitment. Many have been working with nonprofit agencies, groups and institutions for many years and have mastered the ways that these groups can cost effectively address a wide array of problems and issues.

Interviews, Fact-Finding, and Assessment

NESC Consultants meet with the client’s officers, board members and appropriate staff and stakeholders. They burrow into the organization, coming to understand its vision and mission, observing and analyzing its operations, and assessing the broad environment in which the client functions and the competition it faces.


Here are some of the most common questions. Have a question not listed here? Contact us to chat about it.

Our Consultants have donated over 35,000 volunteer hours. We have seen it all!

For some examples of our work check out our case studies.

Yes and our fees are very reasonable. It all depends on the scope of the project, your budget and the time required to complete the assignment. In fact our fees are a small fraction of what commercial, for-profit consulting firms charge.
There is no charge for the initial visit to discuss a possible engagement. Just contact us here
All NESC consultants are required to complete NESC’s training program, which ensures that they are prepared to apply best practices to the unique requirements of each individual nonprofit.

Each Project Leader is responsible for maintaining high standards throughout the assignment.

At the conclusion of each assignment, we ask the client to complete a short assessment of our work. NESC is committed to delivering outstanding service. In fact, each year, almost 50% of our assignments are for satisfied clients we have served in the past.
From its research, the NESC team works with key client personnel to produce a report which may evolve through much iteration as it is revised to reflect client comments, suggestions and the implementation resources required. The report includes an assessment of the problems and opportunities.

Most importantly, it prescribes very detailed pragmatic, reasonable and affordable ways to address the matter. This includes:

  • Specific Action items
  • Resources Needed
  • Timeline
  • Accountability Process
These items ensure that the report actually spurs action and does not sit on the shelf.
We have served over 2,000 clients in the NY, NJ, CT tri-state region. Our clients range from small start-ups to large cultural institutions.

For some a sampling of our client lists by region, check out our regions listing.

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