Our consultants have made NESC unique from the very beginning.

The vision of recruiting and deploying seasoned executives, managers, entrepreneurs and other accomplished professionals to help nonprofits led to NESC’s establishment in 1977.

There is no typical NESC consultant; they range from senior CEOs to all other management levels in banking, real estate, consumer products, merchandising, publishing, public relations, finance and advertising. Others are professionals: lawyers, accountants, consultants, engineers, architects and social workers. Some have served with government agencies, education institutions and healthcare organizations, or have nonprofit backgrounds.

Our consultants have been employed in many major American companies: IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Aetna, Time Warner, McKinsey, AT&T, ExxonMobil, Heidrick & Struggles, CBS, Northrop Grumman and McGraw-Hill.

Every consultant possesses the skills and experience appropriate to the assignment, together with an abundance of enthusiasm and commitment to the success of the client. These professionals are highly motivated to serve, applying their well-honed skills and experience. They are excited by the challenges of fact finding, analysis and the development of practical recommendations – all in the interest of enhancing the effectiveness of your organization.

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