Roundtable: Organizational Assessments: A Solution to the Questions That Keep Some Nonprofit Leaders Awake At Night

“What keeps you awake at night?” To this, many nonprofit leaders respond that they wonder whether their organization is structured to maximize potential. For example: Do I have the right people in the right place doing the right things at the right time? Are there organizational weaknesses that could pose

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Roundtable: Should My Nonprofit Collaborate?

Why Collaborate? True collaboration is a mutually beneficial and well-defined relationship, in which two or more organizations work together to realize shared goals. With 1.4 million charities in the U.S., and growing, there continues to be talk and pressure for collaboration.  Why?  Here are just a few reasons: Duplication of

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Roundtable: 5 Steps to Make Your Board More Involved and Effective at Fundraising

Great nonprofit boards don’t just focus on governance and strategy.  They recognize the connection between financial resources and program delivery, and therefore play a key role in fundraising. You are not alone if you wish your board were more engaged with – and more effective at – fundraising.  According to

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6. Strategic Planning

Roundtable: Strategic Plans that Deliver Results for Nonprofits

Strategic planning should be at the top of the agenda for any nonprofit organization. To quote from a large, well-known national nonprofit: “There is nothing permanent except change. The dynamic organization, in order to survive and thrive, must envision the future and reform itself to meet it, thereby shaping its

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7. SP - Art SP

Case Study: Arts Organization – Strategic Plan

This case study describes how a strategic plan helped a nonprofit arts organization establish and accomplish its long-term goals. The organization came to NESC after a funder told them they needed a strategic plan to grow their organization. NESC started by interviewing the staff, board, and key stakeholders to understand what

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Roundtable: Tips for Finding the Right Nonprofit Executive Director

Hiring the right executive director is perhaps the most important decision that a nonprofit Board can make.  The search process behind this decision can be long and unruly; or it can be thorough and productive. By breaking down the process into tasks and conducting them with integrity, search time can

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Roundtable: Branding – The Mark of a Strong Nonprofit

Branding and marketing are not synonymous. Great marketing – in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations – starts with strong and consistent branding, which is then reinforced by the organization’s people, programs, and communications. Think of it this way: a brand is an organization’s identity – the essence of what you are.

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RT July 2016 -  Meetings

Roundtable: Are Your Board Meetings Time Traps?

Do people arrive late? Skip meetings? Do members come unprepared? Is precious meeting time spent on unproductive items? With board meetings at the center of most members’ nonprofit experience, efficient and rewarding sessions are paramount. Naturally, Board Chairs want each member to leave feeling time was well-spent, and even eager

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Roundtable: Nonprofit Governance – Who’s in Charge?

Mixed messages due to ill-defined roles damage board productivity. The #1 obstacle to successful governance is board and staff not knowing who is in charge of what, according to Nancy Falls, author of Corporate Concinnity in the Boardroom. Beyond the obvious – the Board guides and Management operates – NESC has

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Case Study: Food Bank for Westchester — Board Development

  Started in 1988 with one man and a van, the Food Bank for Westchester (FB4W) has grown to be the supply and support center for 227 front line hunger relief programs throughout the county. The organization collects, warehouses, and distributes 10 to 12 tons of food a day, providing 95

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